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Saddle Fitting Made Simple

Posted by Camarillo Staff on

We often lust over a new beautiful saddle, or just a simple design saddle that we feel will enhance our riding experience or competition results.  The anxiety of the decision of what to buy, where to go, how do I know what to ask for, will the new saddle fit my horse, what guarantees do I have that the choice will truly be an upgrade!  So many things to think about!
Here are some options to keep the choice simple and the investment rewarding.  
Check out our Fun and Fast Times Podcast #28 entitled "Saddle Fitting Made Simple".  
Darrell Nephew, master saddle maker and Vice-President of Reinsman/Circle Y, has the most interesting experience and success based philosophy that I have ever heard to describe and help demystify saddle fitting.  I've worked with Darrell for the last several years at Reinsman, however I had never heard his delivery and explanations.  During our Fun and Fast Times Junior Classic and Clinic in Shipshewana, Indiana, Troyers Western Store brought Darrell in and he offered to share with our clinic students a conversation on Saddle fitting, followed by personal consultation to any interested student regarding personalized fit and options to enhance their effectiveness of their equipment.

It was not a sales pitch, far from it.  He's personable, knowledgeable and focused on contributing to the best choices and options available for great results and buyer satisfaction, always with horse and rider in mind.  Saddles are a big investment.  The riders comfort depends on a good choice but, most importantly, so does the horses comfort, combining to maximize results in and out of the performance arena.

Make sure to check out this Podcast.  Truly, your thoughts on saddle fitting will be changed forever! Not to mention, your horse will thank you too!
Sharon Camarillo

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