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Welcome to our website!  On behalf of the Camarillo Team, comprised of clinic instructors, event managers, and our valued program sponsors, we are thrilled with the fantastic resources this site has to offer.  Our team of top level professionals, in their own right, believe it is all here from education and inspiration to professional products and services.  Combined with a healthy dose of Fun and Fast Times, our goal is to be a part of your success!

Sharon Camarillo wearing a white hat
Sharon Camarillo wearing a white hat
Sharon Camarillo wearing a white hat

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The Sharon Camarillo Better Barrel Racing Clinics are comprehensive programs designed to strengthen each student's existing horsemanship skills, and leave each rider with a personal plan for faster times and enhanced barrel racing performance. Evaluation of each rider's equipment, and the introduction of additional training and competition resources, will help maximize the rider's understanding of what it takes to become a top level barrel horse trainer and competitor. The Sharon Camarillo programs promote the whole horse philosophy, which includes soundness, nutrition, and conditioning overviews and personal consultations. The program includes the A.R.T. of Barrel Racing, which breaks the barrel-racing pattern into the approach, rate and turn elements for performance evaluation and problem specific correction. With two professional instructors in the arena at all times, the program is designed for riders of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced competitors
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Sharon Camarillo Bits Made in America

 I notice that when I pick a Sharon Camarillo bit up in a retail store, it's often more expensive than similar bits.  The fact is that I request that all of my bits are American made, not imported from China or other parts of the world.  

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