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Sharon Camarillo Bits Made in America

Posted by Camarillo Staff on

I thought I would write this regarding the Sharon Camarillo line of bits made by Reinsman.  I love the opportunity to put the designs together.   They are prototyped and tested for quality, performance, and results before they go into the line to be sold to the public.  I notice that when I pick a Sharon Camarillo bit up in a retail store, it's often more expensive than similar bits.  The fact is that I request that all of my bits are American made, not imported from China or other parts of the world.  The look may be similar but the "feel" to the rider and the horse are definitely different.  Like they say, "you get what you pay for".  These bits are truly investments.  They will serve you well on a variety of horses for the lifetime of your riding career.  By the way, they come with a lifetime guarantee from Reinsman!  Sharon Camarillo

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