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Bill and a Hackamore

Posted by Camarillo Staff on

Check out this Hackamore!  We love it on Bill!
Bill is an 8 year old and in the beginning of his rodeo career. He has a tendency to get strong and on the muscle in the bridle. He even gets behind the vertical to avoid the bit. He is sensitive and nervous. He relaxes his jaw and is a lot more soft in his body in a hackamore. Using the hackamore helps this horse maintain a fresh mouth and it provides the rider another tool in developing a finished horse. It’s also a great bit for roping and riding outside of the arena!
The key to using a hackamore in competition is having other training bridles that help the horse maintain suppleness. We like to compliment them with the use of a gag.  The hackamore is shown with a power curb, #950.

By Donna Irvin, Co-Instructor at the Sharon Camarillo Barrel Racing Clinics

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