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Speedster Saddle, Sharon Camarillo

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We’re Very excited to introduce the new Camarillo Speedster Saddle!
Same great designs as the Team Camarillo. We’ve rounded the skirts and reduced the weight!  Same great fit, Same great Precision Tree, Three-way rigging.
Perfect for short backed horses; guaranteed you’ll love the fit, comfort, function, and the reduction in weight from the standard barrel racer.
4” cantle.  Available in a wide or regular tree.
IN STOCK NOW IN A 14" Seat with wide tree!  Lighter weight so perfect for those who don't have the strength to lift the full skirt model!


Sharon has packed this design with features like her centered balanced seat, premium leather, lifetime tree warranty, locking rider buckles, wider fenders for stability, and a unique cinch slot that hangs the cinch away from the flank.  The shorter, lighter-weight skirts will help competitors shave off time.

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