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Scoreboard Spectator Display for Timers, 7" or 10"

Scoreboard Spectator Display for Timers, 7" or 10"

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Spectator displays (scoreboards) greatly enhance spectator interest and participation in the sporting event. The scoreboards are driven by the Polaris timer console as well as most of our older timer consoles. 

  • The scoreboard shows the running time and the final time as displayed on the timer console. The scoreboard can also display the rider's time with penalty, and the rider's score (for bull riding and cutting), if entered.
  • The time format on the scoreboard automatically switches to match the format selected on the timer console: Seconds to 0.001, seconds to 0.01, minutes and whole seconds, etc.
  • Our LED scoreboards have no bulbs to burn out, are light weight, draw very little power and are visible even in direct sunlight. The latest LED technology makes these scoreboards brighter and gives them a wider viewing angle than models made just a few years ago.
  • The seven inch scoreboard can now operate from an optional external battery for 10-12 hours (about 20 hours at slightly reduced brightness). Recharging the battery takes only a few hours.
  • Can be easily driven from a computer. Now it is simple to use one of these large displays as an output device for custom computer applications you may develop.
  • Compatible with the output from several other brands of timing equipment. If you need to add or replace a display for timing equipment you already own, contact us for details!
  • The Wireless Scoreboard interface eliminates the data cable that connects the timer console in the announcer's booth to the scoreboard. Makes set-up and tear down a snap!
  • If you do not have a location from which to hang a display, our scoreboard stand is a great way to temporarily mount either of our LED displays for better viewing. The stand extends up to 9 feet tall and folds to 57 inches for packing.
  • To help visualize the size of the scoreboards, look at the photo to see the scoreboards next to each other and next to a standard 7 foot door frame.



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