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Barrel Racing Timer Package by Polaris Farm Tek

Barrel Racing Timer Package by Polaris Farm Tek

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This rodeo timer and barrel racing timer package includes the wireless Polaris timer console, one set of wireless electric eyes, a tripod stand for each electric eye, batteries for all equipment, and a carrying case! This package uses the newest Polaris timer which is "more wireless" than ever! Using the wireless Polaris means no more tangled cables, damaged connectors or cut cords. No more stringing and taping cables along the fence between the announcer's booth and the electric eyes, and no more hassles trying to tear the cable down after the event! The Polaris is now powered by four AA batteries instead of requiring AC power and an AC adapter. This makes setup easier when AC power is not available, but even when AC power is available, it means one less wire across an already crowded table, at least one less spot used on the power strip, and no more worries about power glitches during a run! The Polaris timer runs over 50 hours from four AA batteries - a couple of months of use for most of us! You can check the battery life remaining at any time. A low battery warning is issued when about 1 to 2 hours of battery life remain.  


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