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Reins, Soft Braided "Pete's Reins"

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These reins are 1" waxed lariat yarn that is braided and rolled flat.  This prevents the rope from twisting or cupping. nylon  You will love the balanced feel, adjustability and the look!  They will adjust long so you can ride out or train with two hands. The adjustment is made by sliding the rope thru the rings allowing the reins to be any length desired.  Horses with long necks sometimes make it difficult to find a single rein that will adjust long enough.  This will do that!   The leather keeper keeps the extra rope connected to the rein.  A horsehair tassel and pineapple knot make this a classy looking set of reins.

Available in black or white.  Made for us by Double Diamond.  We call these "Pete's Reins" after the Double Diamond owner, Pete Melniker

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