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Orthopedic Pro Saddle Pad

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The Sure Fit Orthopedic and the Sure Fit Orthopedic PRO pads are designed for astute horsemen to enhance saddle fit. When a horse has hollow wither pockets, it is difficult to seat a saddle on the horse’s back with full contact avoiding dry spots and discomfort to the horse. Often by filling in the gaps, the breathable filler in the wither area of the orthopedic design can provide better saddle fitting options.

Like all Sure Fit pads the cut back design located at the shoulder and hip on each Sure Fit Pad provides freedom of movement necessary for optimizing both efficient performance – longer stride and faster times.

Wool felt which is a top choice of pad material because it will naturally wick away more moisture, release heat build up, breathe for a cooler ride, and is quick drying after use. The wool conforms to the horse’s back resulting in less slippage. The contour shape provides better fit for horses with more pronounced withers or more sway to their back and allows the saddle to fit properly. We use full length, heavy oiled grain out leathers which result in less cracking and drying out for superior durability.

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