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Nettles Barrel Racing Stirrups

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Finally, a Nettles Stirrup designed by Sharon for a barrel racer!

The red oak used in Nettles Stirrups is of the highest quality oak available, yet must still pass two grading processes before it qualifies to become part of Nettles. Unlike other stirrups on the market today, Nettles will not warp over time due to the laminating process. These are made from 6 pieces of red oak. They are stronger, hence safer! A unique stirrup bottom structure, unparalleled in another product, helps set the rider's foot and aids with balance in the saddle. The rubber insert is designed specifically for the barrel racer. These are completely handmade in the U.S.A. They are fully varnished and a beautiful addition to any saddle!

Available in two widths, 2" and 3".  In stock and ready to ship!

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