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Handy Rein

Handy Rein

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Sharon Camarillo designed a rein packed with features for the barrel racer. Ditch the single rein and over and under. Now you can have both products in one. This great design allows you to have performance reins and an over and under all in one! The Handy Rein features Conway Buckles on the bit ends, 13" section sewn together for easy hand placement, and popper ends on both sides. Use Handy Rein to remind a rider to slide their hand down the rein for better connection and leverage for training, practice, and competition, all while learning how to manage using the popper ends!
• Riders who need help with correct and balanced hand placement.
• Riders looking to ditch the old form of an over and under!
• The practice pen in which riders can work more on their hand placement and stride outs.
• Designed by Hall of Fame Cowgirl Sharon Camarillo!
• 13” section sewn together for easy hand placement!
• Popper ends on both sides!
• A safety mechanism, so you never have to worry about dropping a single again!
• Rein length can affect your riding and position in the saddle. Find your balance and position and adjust accordingly!
• 8” Popper ends
• 5/8” Rein Width
• Heavy Oil Finish
• 90 Day Craftsmanship Warranty
• If at any point your Handy Rein is showing damage within the 90 Day craftsmanship warranty, call our customer service team to receive a prompt repair.

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