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Copper or Silver Vein Color Stirrups by STS

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Straight Time Stirrups is very proud to be working with Sharon Camarillo.  Sharon has spent over a year developing her design for the Straight Time Stirrup, a superior stirrup.  These stirrups are 100% handmade in the USA.  They are manufactured from A356-T6 Heat Treated aluminum during the casting process.  The stirrups are very lightweight but very strong.  The stirrups are a one piece construction so that there are no nuts and bolts that may come loose and allow the stirrup to fall off of your saddle.  

Sharon's stirrups have many unique features which are exclusive the Patent Pending STS product line.  One feature are the discreet pegs located at the bottom of the stirrup that allow the rider to utilize rubber bands to secure the stirrup when competing in various equine sports.  Another feature is the unique tapered hanger rod which has two functions:  first, it provides the angle required to relieve the stress on the joints of the lower body, and second, it acts as a hobble when weight is applied to the stirrup when weight is applied to the stirrup to give the rider stability

Sharon says "I am thrilled to be working with Straight Time Stirrups in designed the most balanced and lightweight aluminum stirrup on the market.  I stand on the fact that 30% of the effectiveness of a saddle is enhanced through the riders choice of stirrups.  The 3" foot bed provides a base to stabilize the riders balanced body position regardless of the equine discipline.  The angle of the STS Sharon Camarillo Fast Time design relieves the chronic pressure that conventional stirrups place upon on the hip, knee, and ankle joints allowing the rider to enjoy many hours in the saddle without joint discomfort or pain!"

These are available in two colors - Copper Vein and Silver Vein (mostly copper vein shown in photos!  They are gorgeous!  These are powder coated for durability and wear!  

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