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Gag Bit, "Good On Ya" 721

Gag Bit, "Good On Ya" 721

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The "Good On Ya" Competition Gag is a great choice for horses that need additional control and rein support as speed in increased. The longer shank increases leverage for added control while allowing the rider to handle the horse without stalling the front end, which often happens when a horse is over bridled. The bit should be adjusted with an aggressive wrinkle in the mouth and a 2 finger adjustment at the curb. Proper adjustment is critical in maximizing the resources of the bit. The design of the "Good On Ya" Competition Gag allows the rider to control the horse's speed while maintaining body control without sacrificing forward motion. It is designed to support and enhance suppleness and feel on horses in all disciplines.  Sharon prefers a flat chain curb strap which is shown as an option when ordering the bit.

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