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California Ported Snaffle, 708

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This style of ported bit has been used for generations by the famous California reinsman to supple young to finished horses. The hooded port, roller and floating mouthpiece stimulate salivation while inviting the horse to use his tongue to pick up and carry the mouthpiece. This invites the horse to relax his jaw, transferring softness throughout his body. We believe it is the first production bit of its kind. Its predecessors have been hand made and handed down to aficionadosâ?? of the California style of bridle horse. This training bit is a must have for anyone who enjoys improving their horses sensitivity and feel.  Made in the U.S.A..  This bit is part of Sharon's exclusive "Old Favorites" Collection.

Donna Irvin, a co-instructor at  Sharon Camarillo Clinics, says:  "Been working with this talented mare for about a month. She is tight in her poll and jaw and lacks confidence of moving up into the bridle at speed. The California ported snaffle with the hood and roller is making a big difference. I let her stand tied in it before and after working her in the roundpen and arena. So often we bridle up...go to work and then unbridle. Little changes in daily work routine coupled with complimentary equipment builds foundation and relaxed confidence!"

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