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Black Hawk Bridle Training Package, 7051

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The Black Hawk Training Package was designed under the requirements of the Black Hawk College Equestrian Program in Kewanee, Illinois. It comes complete with the weighted harness leather 3/4" signature browband headstall and slotted 3/4" harness leather split reins complete with leather stoppers for use with a running martingale. It also includes the weighted iron ringed 3 piece O-ring smooth snaffle, leather snaffle curb, and cowboy german martingale, a training option as needed. This is truly a brilliant training package for starting colts with their first bit through their foundational training. The martingale options should only be used with supervision once the colt is moving freely forward on his own and is well along in his foundational training. Made in the U.S.A.

You can include the 7771 drop noseband when you order this package.

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