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Learn to enjoy the journey; life is a series of completed processes that interlock for success.

—Sharon Camarillo


For Sharon Camarillo Clinic students, we offer an online video performance evaluation service. Post your competitive or practice runs on YouTube , we will evaluate your performance and Email you a report, including a customized training plan for improvement. Please contact us for pricing and to arrange this service!

In order to study horsemanship one needs an attitude of compassion, awareness, patience, forgiveness and confidence.

—Sharon Camarillo

Abigail from New York

Posted by sharoncamarillo Admin on

Abigail from New York, writes: Dear Sharon, I am 12 years old. My mother just took away my barrel horse. I loved her so much. I need a barrel horse that I can win on. Can you please help me? Dear Abigail, It sounds to me like you are sad? Why did your mother take away your horse? Did he have health issues, safety issues or are you being disciplined? I know those questions might be personal, but I feel there is an underlying issue here. At some point in time, I would be honored to help you find a horse that you...

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