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Jo Anne from Quebec, Canada

Posted by sharoncamarillo Admin on

Dear Sharon,

On your advice, I have been using the Sweet Six Reinsman #744 bit on my three year-old. What bit would you suggest for competition?

Dear Jo Anne,

I am so glad to hear that you are getting along well with the Sweet Six #744 bit. Please keep in mind that you are riding a young three year-old. I caution you not to rush things and be sure your horse tells you when she is ready to move forward in her training. Remember that you can begin to introduce speed while training in your Sweet Six and german martingale. 

I would suggest the next step be into the Tender Touch Reinsman #730, or the 3x3 Reinsman #733. The difference is the Tender Touch has a 1" gag and is a slower acting, less intimidating bit for a young horse. Either choice will introduce leverage and increase curb pressure. 

Also, at this point, I would begin to introduce a leather nose band tiedown. Lots of big circles, trail riding, even ground-work in your round pen will help the process of bit transitioning. 

Enjoy the process,


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