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Cindy from Alabama

Posted by sharoncamarillo Admin on

Dear Sharon,

I have attended other clinics and was disappointed with the way the clinics were conducted and for the cost, that hurt. I am interested in your clinic and the sponsor suggested I contact you with my questions.

My concern is that I lack confidence. My horse is gentle but young, and when I think he might move I panic inside. I want to start running in September, but I am not doing very well asking for speed. I know I can do this but need to be pushed or encouraged by someone who can tell me how to get more from my horse.

Will there be a lot of time where we will be actually working and practicing techniques in your clinic?

Dear Cindy,

Our clinics are limited to 12 students for the very reason you identified. The format is designed to present the information in three mediums: lecture, demonstration and student hands on application. By limiting the number of students, we allow for ample one-on-one arena time in order to work with each horse and rider combination at their individual level. We will watch you ride and identify your individual strengths and weaknesses and the effectiveness of your equipment.

I travel with a second instructor so that someone is always available to answer questions. During certain segments of the clinic, I do divide the class in order to eliminate some of the rider’s down time. This allows half the class to take a break while the remainder works in the arena.

I hope this addresses your concerns and hope I see you at a Better Barrel Racing Clinic. Please contact me if you have further questions.

Best wishes,


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