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Baylee from Missouri

Posted by sharoncamarillo Admin on

Dear Sharon,

I was wondering what supplements you use for your horse. I am 11 years old and I have a 20 year-old horse. His name is Rocket. He is off the track. He is winning me lots of money in both barrels and poles. Though Rocket is a very good horse he tends to rear up a lot. He is not trying to throw me off; I think he tries to scare me so I'll get off. Someone who had him before let him get away with the rearing so now he does it all the time! He is also pretty gate sour. Though he has gotten better, I was wondering what your suggestion might be to help with the gate problem?

Dear Baylee,

I hope you will have the opportunity to get a copy of my book, The A.R.T. of Barrel Racing. The specific area that describes the Double Down Exercise would not only help with your gate issues but also your rearing issues. Both are extremely dangerous and both need attention. Your horse is 20 and it sounds like he has been up to some bad habits for quite awhile. Because of his age, his issues will be harder to resolve; they will take some consistent attention and good timing for correction on the part of you, the rider. While you are reading about the Double Down take some time to review techniques in staying clam before competition. This may help you remain more relaxed and inadvertently help your horse stay calm.

It sounds like Rocket is a great athlete and likes his job of running poles and barrels. I would suggest because of his age that you feed him some type of supplement that would offer joint support. I would also suggest a Noni supplement. This will help relax your horse and allow him to conserve his energy without becoming so explosive. 

Having his teeth checked at least twice a year is also important. Take note of any physical change and establish a good relationship with your veterinarian. He will help you establish a good program to keep your senior citizen at his best.

Baylee, I want to remind and caution you to ride smart and careful. A rearing horse is a dangerous horse. If he looses his footing, it could be devastating. Be very cautious. I hope to see you and Rocket at one of my Clinics. 

Warmest regards and a reminder to study hard in school,


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