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Slanted Stirrups by S.A. Walls

Slanted Stirrups by S.A. Walls

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The Walls slanted stirrups, sometimes called crooked stirrups, are the original slanted stirrups.  These are the ORIGINAL slanted stirrups made in the U.S.A..  Unlike the imports that cost less money, these have a LIFETIME guarantee and won't break when you go around a barrel!  

These SA Walls slanted stirrups are made from aircraft-quality aluminum and cast in a metal mold. They are then hand sanded for a slick finish and then hand buffed to a high luster.

A traditional stirrup places your foot at about a 30 degree angle to the horse misaligning the bones in your knees, ankles, and hips. The outside of the slanted stirrup is longer than the inside so that when you turn the fender the stirrup is parallel to the ground. This relieves the pressure from your knees, ankles, and your hips.  As you ride in your saddle, remember that the saddle manufacturers offer stirrups that are inexpensive to hold down the price of the saddle.  We get compliments all of the time about how these stirrups help relieve pain for those that have pain when they ride.  These offer a rubber grip at the bottom to keep your foot in the stirrup.  They are 3" wide.

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