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Saddle, BRX or Team Camarillo, Custom Chocolate and Flowers

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This BRX OR TEAM CAMARILLO saddle or fully customizable with the options that you choose.   Shown in a Team Camarillo with the taller horn, narrower fenders, and oval cantle.  The BRX version would have a shorter horn, wider fenders, and Sharon Camarillo's signature 4"comfort cantle.   The heirloom quality of Reinsman saddles gives you the right foundation for a good, long lasting saddle.  Success is in the details and this saddle will offer you a fit for both you and your horse.  

This gorgeous, fancy saddle is finished with a chocolate leather to give it the "look".  This saddle features a padded bicycle "star shaped" seat over a hard seat.  The seat and fenders are in rough out.  It is single skirted for the light weight and includes leg cuts for close contact.  Beautiful, rich vintage finish is hand tooled in a floral pattern.   

This saddle is available as shown in various seat sizes.  Allow about 8 weeks for delivery.  It can be fully customized and changed.  Just give us a call - 530-570-1852.

** A centered, balanced seat because proper position is essential no matter what discipline.

** Wide Fenders designed to provide stability during a run

** Sharon Camarillo STS stirrups designed with a tapered hanger that allows your hips, knees, ankles, and feet to hand with their natural alignment eliminating strain.  The stirrups are offset to keep the edge of the stirrups away from your shin.  Patent pending rubber band pegs allow you to safely secure your boots to your stirrups.

** The rider buckle - a locking stirrup leather buckle that prevents the sleeve from sliding off the buckle and losing a stirrup.

** Adjustable position riggings allow you to customize the rigging position for the horse

** Leg cut skies for close contact

** Angled rear cinch slots that allow the cinch to hang at a slight angle, away from the horse's flank

** Double breast collar dees to accommodate varying horse conformations and gear



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