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Back Joy Posture Wear

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Designed to enhance posture, comfort and pain relief, BackJoy’s PostureWear Elite is a research-based garment that actively stabilizes the upper body and uses the science of movement to relieve the pressures and strains caused by poor posture.

The apparel’s unique Active Stabilization™ system helps pull the shoulders back, correctly aligns the spine and promotes optimal posture while allowing complete range of motion for maximum efficiency and performance. The apparel features a seamless construction for a comfortable fit, and performance fabric that wicks away moisture. Train, compete and restore better with BackJoy PostureWear Elite.

How it works:  1)  The snug fit comfortably restores your posture by placing positive tension on your shoulders and back for optimal form with a complete range of motion.  2) As you start to experience the benefits of better posture, your mind and body will quickly adjust to the difference BackJoy creates.  

These are unisex shirts.  In case your color and size is not available,  Men can order one size up in a women's size and the women can order one size down in a men's size.  

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