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Resources for Sponsors Only

Advertising at provides resources for publications and our Gold and SIlver Sponsors. Contact us for:

  • Print or web-ready photos of Sharon for your own ads, publications, and websites.
  • Print or web-ready Sharon Camarillo banner ads for your publications and websites.
  • Sharon Camarillo logos.
  • Information about Sharon's Co-instructors and how you may use them for product research and development.
  • Print–ready Sharon Camarillo product endorsement labels that you may download and print for use on your product packaging.

Gold and Silver Sponsors may change ads or logos at any time as represented on our website. If you would like to be a featured sponsor, please contact us for information.

If you have limited graphics design and advertising support, I offer my own team of designers to help you make the most of Camarillo endorsement. It is only with the partnership of my sponsors and manufacturers that the Sharon Camarillo program and product line is able to grow. I appreciate your support, your continuing faith in me as an endorsee and industry advocate.

I think we make a great team and it is my intention to support our relationship to the fullest extent. Please never hesitate to contact me for additional information or opportunities. I am a firm believer that we are limited only by our imagination!