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memories of kalyn at the
cowgirl hall of fame 2007

by Cheryl Machin Price
Kalyn Brooks
Kalyn's Mom Penny with Cheryl Price
at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame induction.

Family and friends of Kalyn Brooks met in Fort Worth, Texas on November 9th, to join together to celebrate Kalyn’s 2007 induction to the prestigious National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. The invitation we received said it best, “Three Days. Two Great Events. One Big Celebration.” We want to thank the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame for selecting Kalyn and providing the medium for assuring her footprint will always be present and her story will continue to be told.

“Look for the Star” took on a new meaning as we surveyed the museum in search of both Kalyn and Sharon’s stars. “Believe in yourself, all things are possible, and imagine the possibilities,” were phrases that Kalyn lived. Her spirit inspires, her courage amazes, and her love and zest for life heartens others to count their blessings and approach each day with enthusiasm.

Kalyn loved pageantry, especially when it included her. We thank all of the Miss Rodeos who attended the induction ceremony. 

Kalyn Brooks
The Kalyn Brooks' story will continue
to be told throughout generations.

“A cowgirl always saddles her own horse,” said Connie Reeves. This phrase sums up the event for me. It is what confirmed for me that submitting Kalyn’s induction application was the right path. It speaks to the common thread that ties the inductees together, regardless of their induction category. The opportunity to meet and listen to segments from the lives of the past honorees was an experience we will always treasure.  

We can’t thank Georgie Sicking enough for stating, “You let her go and didn’t hold her back.” The statement parallels what Kalyn often said, “ Say I can do, don’t say I can’t do. If you want to do something, try it, even if it is hard. Ask for help. Try again.” Kalyn believed in miracles and she made all of us believe in them too.


Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame 2007 Induction Ceremony
A prestigious group of honorees at
the Ft. Worth induction ceremony.
Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame 2007 Induction Ceremony
Penny, Donna Howell-Sickles, Pam Minnick and Terry Stuart Forst.


Photograph of Kalyn barrel racing is by Kenneth Springer.



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