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My Journey to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame

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Sharon and son Wade
My son Wade and me at my
Cowgirl Hall of Fame induction.

Today, instead of trying to win first place, I choose to share the platform. I choose to spend quality time with good friends and family, I choose to breathe in and absorb the luxury of limited down time, and I am teaching myself to recognize the difference. Today in my life, it is about enjoying the fact I have created a working environment in which official office attire is flannel pajamas and in public settings, my working clothes reflect on the western styling I have admired my entire life. Today, I choose to celebrate each day. I choose to acknowledge the special lives of the people around me. It’s about having the confidence to say it’s OK to be different, it’s OK to enjoy being alone, and it’s OK to select the friends you want to share your valuable time with. It’s even OK to say NO to people who take and don’t give in return, who drain you of energy, and who don’t like the same movies you do!

This website is dedicated to becoming the very best all of us can be. As “works in progress” at various stages in life, certain things take on different degrees of importance. Choosing friends and mentors who help you weed through the muck to find the importance of situations is key. Even if you are going through Hell, don’t stop. “Chin up, eyes forward,” or maybe we should remodel the phrase to “chin forward, eyes up.” Neither the bad times nor the best times last forever.

Through the community efforts of some very smart people, we will strive to offer inspiration to help you become the very best you can be from day to day, and living to change your world if you desire to do so.


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Photograph by Kenneth Springer.



The goal of a winner should be excellence, not perfection.

—Dr. Robert Anthony


Experience is only the best teacher if we become the best student.

—Dr. Robert Anthony