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Performer and Educator
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Cheyenne Frontier Days

A National Intercollegiate World Championship gave me the confidence and introduction to the world of professional rodeo. Realizing that if I chose to pursue a career as a rodeo competitor, the only event open for women at that time in the professional ranks was barrel racing. I also understood that to be competitive in the sport of professional barrel racing, it would take more skills and better horses than I had to date. So… my journey began.

Two of the highlights of my rodeo career were the opportunity to compete with other national finalists at a Command Rodeo Performance for President Reagan and be a guest at the White House, and the chance to travel with a group of top riders selected by Wrangler to compete in an international rodeo in Argentina. The friendships I made in the rodeo business will remain with me forever.

After qualifying for four National Finals Rodeos, the decision to retire from professional competition was not difficult for me. I was pregnant with my son, Wade, and I was anxious to follow the road that many athletes take into product design, influential endorsements and media. I was also interested to establish an educational program that could help riders get the most from their horses. I designed my Performance Horsemanship Program to encompass performance evaluation and the mental game of competition. A course outline was organized and along with supportive national sponsors, I was in the equine education business.

I have traveled to 35 states and five
foreign countries, and all provinces of
Canada during the last 30 years as
a clinician. I have worked with over
10,000 students and their horses.

As a young educator, I remember reading a statistic that Martha and R.E. Josey had taught over 10,000 students in their career to date. WOW, how does anyone compete with that success? Tenacity is what it takes. Now, 25 years into my career, I can claim that I have proudly influenced well over that number. I have taken my program throughout the United States and five foreign countries. It is an honor and an opportunity that I do not take lightly as I encourage and remind students to enjoy the process of developing their equine partners to their personal level of success. Most importantly, I feel I am a better rider and horsewoman today than I was when I retired form competition.

Today, the two horses involved in my program, Chile and Jewels, although competitive, are used to hone my riding and teaching skills along with testing new designs and products. It is always a luxury when I have the opportunity to take my own horses to horse fairs and clinics. These horses are also the equine stars of our book, The A.R.T. of Barrel Racing and our DVD instructional tapes.


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Photographs by Jan Spencer and ProSportsPix.



Learn to enjoy the journey; life is a series of completed processes that interlock for success.
—Sharon Camarillo


Resistance to change is nothing more than “hardening of the attitudes.”
—Dr. Robert Anthony