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Cristina Borregales
Cristina and her horse,Smooth
Talking Devil.

Cristina Borregales is a native of Venezuela, now residing in Tioga, Texas, with her husband Alvaro Rodriguez on their Los Saltos Training Ranch where they raise and train timed-event and cow horses for clients from all over the world.

Cristina, former Venezuelan Barrel Racing Reserve National Champion and Pole Bending National Champion before moving to the United States, is a brilliant instructor and competitor with the ability to inspire, motivate and evaluate riders' performances at every level and ability. She is bi-lingual in Spanish, Portuguese and French, which gives our Team a wonderful resource to reach riders in barrel racing countries around the world.

Traditional training techniques make Cristina and Alvaro popular instructors for all ages and disciplines. Located just one hour away from a wide range of nightly jackpot competitions, including the famous Friday night rodeo at the Fort Worth Stockyards Coliseum, Los Saltos training provides students a remarkable resource for coaching and evaluation under the stress of actual competition. Evening competition, video review, arena work at the Los Saltos Ranch and back to competition is a great way for students of all ages to hone their skills and develop a competitive edge.

Cristina and Alvaro have dormitories for weekly and monthly programs. Bring your own horse or one can be provided. Contact Cristina direct for personalized programs.

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Visit our current Clinic schedule for more information about Cristina's private clinic, for our South American contingency and Spanish-speaking students.


Cristina and her husband Alvaro Rodriguez, are timed–event and cow horse trainers. See our current Clinic schedule and Cristina's sponsored clinics to contact the Los Saltos Ranch training facility.