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Cheryl Machin Price

Cheryl Price
Cheryl Machin Price
and her horse, Mack.

Cheryl Machin Price lives in Ridgefield, Washington. Cheryl and her husband Jim, pictured below competing in the 2008 Camarillo Western Classic, are my primary clinic team. They fly out of Portland, Oregon to meet me throughout the world and offer educational resource and support for all clinic students.

Cheryl is the co-author of the A.R.T. of Barrel Racing, provides technical advice and supervises the editing of our instructional DVDs.

Cheryl is an outstanding co-instructor and performance coach. Her trained eye and disciplined teaching style comes from her background in Dressage and three-day eventing.

Cheryl is a Registered Nurse by trade, which allows her the understanding to process the latest information in the field of equine nutrition, condition and soundness. She is a voracious reader and stays abreast of the newest technology in the equine industry. This information she eagerly shares with students of Sharon Camarillo programs.

Cheryl has been a traveling clinician with me for the past 15 years. Cheryl was recognized by Black Hawk College as a traveling Equine Professor. She is an AQHA Professional Horsewoman, and a competing member of the National Barrel Horse Association and the Northwest Brand 4D.

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Clinic sponsor

Cheryl Machin Price not only travels with Sharon as a co-instructor, she is a Sharon Camarillo clinic sponsor. For more information, visit our current Clinic schedule.