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The A.R.T. of Barrel Racing, November 2006-January 2007, a three-part feature in the Quarter Horse Journal, gives a clear and precise definition of what the Sharon Camarillo Performance Horsemanship philosophy is all about.

Storme Camarillo, Cheryl Machin Price, Donna Irvin, Cristina Borregales and Jenny Sherbo, each trained in different disciplines and each Equine Professors, join me in coaching and educating our horsemanship students throughout the world.

Efficient Barrel Racing Performance: Collection, Straightness, Impulsion, Contact, Suppleness, Rhythm
Efficient Barrel Racing Performance

The Quarter Horse Journal gave us the platform to compare the Classical Training Pyramid’s six building blocks: Rhythm and Forward, Suppleness, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness and Collection to the parallel similarities necessary to complete efficient barrel racing performance. The building block graphic of a pyramid identifies the order in which these abilities are developed.

It was one of my career’s “AHA” moments as I compared the significance of the pyramid to successful barrel racing. I joined my thoughts with the experience of my co-instructors to create western riding equivalents to introduce and strengthen sets of skill drills our students could use to better understand the education their horses would need in order to strengthen their ability to perform efficiently and consistently. 

The sport of barrel racing requires an equine athlete who has the skill set from the top of the pryamid, Collection. The barrel horse often has missed training in the first four levels. Utilizing the pyramid is a way to improve the horse’s performance, reduce performance anxiety and increase the potential for success in the sport. My co-instructors and I have spent hours working together to produce educational venues for the Sharon Camarillo Performance Horsemanship Program. Each venue is designed to help identify why barrel horses develop so many resistance and anxiety issues. Together we have created systematic routes that riders can take to strengthen their personal riding, training, and competition program.  

Sharon with Co-Instructor Donna Irvin
Clinic Instructors Storme Camarillo,
Donna Irvin and Cristina Borregales with Sharon
at the Eastern Classic, 2011 in Sterling, Illinois.
Sharon is costumed for the 2011 Classic theme,
Classically Camelot, Knights of the Round Barrel.

One of our most memorable clinics was the first time we introduced our students to the resources of the pyramid. We were amazed at how the simplest thing, paying attention to the horse’s Rhythm, allowed students the resource to make simple adjustments that significantly improved the quality of their ride.

We addressed the six levels of the pyramid with students. Donna Irvin used her champion barrel horse, Sneaky, to give an exhibition towards the end of the program with one of the upper level ‘Coyote’ Dressage patterns we use as a skill test. The test required extension, collection, balanced circles, shoulder-ins, leg yields at specific spots in the arena at a variety of speeds. When Donna completed her “dressage test” the crowd was thrilled with a simulated rodeo barrel run! The theory proved out. Donna and Sneaky demonstrated they had the necessary skills in the test and that those skills carried over to their efficient performance in the run. 

The exciting part is that the educational path is clear. The techniques are not new. We did not invent them, however, my Clinic Instructors and I are excited about sharing our discoveries with you.

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For Sharon Camarillo Clinic students, we offer a DVD or online video performance evaluation service. Whether you post your competitive or practice runs on UTube or send us a DVD, we will evaluate your performance and Email you a report, including a customized training plan for improvement.


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