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Sharon, I competed with my two mares this weekend in a field of 125-135 contestants. Both mares ran 1D times on the1st and 3rd Go’s. I would have placed similarly on the 2nd Go, but went back to tipping coming out of my 2nd barrel. You and I both know what I did. I corrected it on 3rd Go. I was sore and tired, but got the job done. You have helped me more than you know and I plan to continue to make you proud of me.

– Robin, Wisconsin

I would just like to thank you and your team for all the effort and understanding you put into teaching both me and my horse at your clinic. The time you spent with each rider and the knowledge you instilled in me over the course of two and half days is something I will remember for the rest of my life. You truly have impacted and encouraged me to dream big and never give up!

–Crystal Smyth and San Peppys on Fire (formerly known as Jack), Woodland, California

Sharon, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing Western Classic experience my horse and I had this year (2006)! It’s always fun because so many friends are there and it’s like a reunion, but what made it a lot more special for me was the focus on breast cancer. My Grandmother passed from it when she was 37, and my dad was only two years-old with seven other brothers and sisters. My mom has been a breast cancer survivor for five years. Like you mentioned, sadly, so many people are affected by this disease.

Two years ago at the classic, I hit the barrels so hard on the first two runs, I had to take my horse home and did not run on the third day. Even though I wore shin guards, my legs were just too sore! Although I could not ride, my youngest daughter and I came down to cheer everybody on. When we left, while we were getting on the freeway, a van ran the stop light and hit us hard, almost totaling the car. We were OK, but when we got home I got a call that my Aunt Margie had just passed from cancer (that originally started from breast cancer). I was very close to her. So this year, on the way to do our third run, coming down the off ramp, I said, "This one's for you Margie." I think she was watching. It was a very special weekend. Thank you again!

– Renee Ryckebosch, 2006-2007 Western Classic Grand Champion, Nevada