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I cannot tell you how much the clinic at Blackhawk College has done for my daughter Erin. She is consistent in her daily workouts, has run a few timed events and has improved every time. She and I learned so much that even I can help some of our 4-H-ers at our weekly workout. Erin’s horse, Whistle, is not confused anymore and actually looks forward to their daily rides. We look forward to seeing you in October at Sterling for the classic.

– Shelley, Illinois

I want to tell you how much your clinics have helped me and others. I went to a BTM Barrel Race in Eugene, Oregon and one of your other students was there. She won the 3D saddle at the Western Classic, and she and I both attended two of your clinics. Since then we have become friends, have encouraged each other, and have watched each other improve. It has been fun seeing other gals from your clinics at barrel races. You gave us the tools and we’re all just getting better and better.

I set goals and practice a consistent warm-up routine, and my runs are getting more consistent every time. Plus, my horse has stopped all the gate problems she was having! At the Reno Classic this year, I had three consistent runs. To my surprise, I won the Grand Championship!

If my horse could talk she would probably thank you too! You taught me to ride more consistently and now she knows what is expected. People can’t believe that I turned that crazy rearing horse into the horse she is today. In fact, several people said that most would have given up on her. I’m really glad I didn’t.

When I first went to your clinic I was ready to give up barrel racing. I had a million people telling me what to do, and I just got confused. I learned that I needed to keep on trying. I got a solid foundation and have been building on it ever since. Horsemanship skills are something that no one can ever take away from me.

I will attend another one of your clinics in the future. In fact, I might just go to one every year so that I can keep learning and improving my horsemanship skills.

– Pam, 2005 Western Classic Grand Champion, Oregon

A huge thank you for your wonderful Western Classic in Reno. I had such a fantastic time and felt as if I made huge advances in my personal goals. Thank you too for the wonderful saddle. It was a real dream come true.

– Fawn, 2005 Western Classic 3D Winner, Washington

Our daughter Jessica has one of your books and claims it is the only one that really cuts to the quick about barrel racing and gives real practical points unlike all the others. We just signed her up for your clinic and look forward to meeting you.

– Leo, California

Linda and I will keep attending as many of your clinics as we can, as often as possible!

– Gerald, New Jersey

I want you to know what an impact your clinic had on our girls, and to give you the their results of their High School Rodeo, post-Camarillo clinic. Lily and Gracie had their best results yet, and placed in the top five in each event (barrels, poles, goat trying, and breakaway). Typically, their barrel and pole runs were out of control; knocking barrels and hitting poles. This time, however, they made clean runs and stayed in control. Kalysa was happy with her results. In her pole run, she had the second fastest time. Keri came late on Saturday, but won the 2nd Go in barrels with the fastest time! It was her absolute personal best, at 18.320. Syd won the 1st Go in barrels with an 18.550. She ran smooth and straight to the third barrel. She was smiling from ear-to-ear!

– Keala, Hawaii