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I am not a barrel racer, but I discovered your book and fell in love with your way of competing and training a horse. My dream is to train in the USA and be a barrel racer. I admire you a lot! With hard work and dedication, I know I'll meet my goal!

–Marianna Salles, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

I am excited to share with you results of newfound training techniques learned during the clinic I recently attended at Black Hawk College. The application has been a revolution for my horses. Though they were confused at first, when I attempted to ride them deeper into the turn, they have now refocused their attention on me and not the pattern. Their turns are smoother and my performance is more efficient and balanced.

I have spent a lot of time explaining and demonstrating your training methods to the people who ride with me on the ranch where I keep my horses. The younger riders are having an easier time adapting to the modifications. Everybody saw a big change for the better in my riding. My posture, seat, and hands are getting better with each ride. People who know me have been impressed with my improvements. For me and my horses, a big light has come on and we are calmer and happier! It has been an answer to my prayers to know you!

–Cristiane Souza, San Paulo, Brazil

I just had to tell you that you really are a wonderful teacher, I learned so much from you at my first clinic and I cannot wait for the next one! I have applied what I learned to three other horses of mine and it was amazing to see the different results in each horse. I really enjoyed learning from you and look forward to continue to learn from you, your positive attitude and your horsemanship.

–Camille Broby, Danville, California

I'm not a barrel racer but I had a wonderful experience attending the recent National Cowgirl Hall of Fame Induction. This truly was an extraordinary event dedicated to some equally extraordinary women. Our good friend Bev Sparrowk is who got us (my husband, Tom, and I) there. We are so proud of her! And what inspiring stories from the other inductees! I wish I could remember Wilma Powell's exact words about "just do it." Thank you for the great job you did emceeing. You are really good at that. Keep it up. I am a new fan!

–Kathy DeForest, Adin, California

Thanks so much for your recognition of Michelle Bogdonas, my daughter, and the loss of her great horse Bully after the thrid run at the Eastern Classic. I was with her and stayed at Double G until she loaded him to go home. Michelle is doing fine and is starting to look for another show prospect. She has received a wealth of support in calls and Emails. In my opinion, the barrel racers are a fantastic bunch of people and are there for each other at a difficult time like this. Just wanted you to know that as a show mom over the years, this has been uplifting to know how good people really are. Once again thanks and God Bless!

–Georgia Schaver, Illinois

I attended the Clinic that Sharon and Susan put on at the Triple T Arena in Hermosa, South Dakota, 2008. I just wanted to say thank you! You guys helped me so much, I don't even know where to start. Although my horse was not ready for the second day and I left early, I will for sure be the first person singed up for the next clinic at Triple T Arena. Sharon and Susan demonstrate what they want, and then give you the practice so you can do it. I would recommend Sharon's Clinics to anyone who is serious about barrel racing or just staring to compete on barrels. After Sharon's Clinic, you and your horse will be a "team." Don't forget, "When in doubt, KICK!"

–Alicia Cope, Belle Fourche, South Dakota