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I just wanted you to know how much your techniques have helped me this season. I was an inexperienced rider in my mid 40's, and decided to try barrel racing at 50. The learning curve has been interesting to say the least! Bringing my run times from the 30 second category last year to under 19 seconds consistently this year has been a blast! The horsemanship skills you teach, combined with your attention to the mental game for focus and attitude, bring the package together. Terri Wilson won the 3D, Margaret had a beautiful run, and I was right behind them, surprising myself with my personal best time of 18.8. All three of us were good advertising for your Black Hawk College Clinics during the NBHA show in Indiana! We would have made you and Donna proud. Thanks again!

–Linda Muegge

I know you don't know me, but I just want to say that you have made such a huge impact on my life. I learned how to Barrel Race way back when your first Western Horseman book came out and have studied and learned from you since. I have never been to one of your clinics, not because I didn't want to, but due to family and financial issues. I still watch, refresh and learn new things each time I pull out one of your books or videos. You are a inspiring role model. Due to family and such, I don't get to run much anymore (and I got older and with age comes weight), but I still train horses and help others. One of my horses went on to win the APHC world in prarie stump race (barrels) and another went on to win SD Little Britches State in Goats and Barrels. I first started barrel racing and learning from you when I was 20 and I am now 40. I have had other influences and advice from fellow barrel racers that I trust and admire, but you really taught me the basics of what I learned. God Bless.

–Melissa Henrich

I feel so blessed to have met you and for the opportunity to learn from you. There are so many traits you possess, from your excellent horsemanship to your kind, loving manner of teaching that inspires me to give 100% at whatever I am doing. Sharon, thank you for giving so much to our industry.

–Andrea Otley, Adel, Oregon

I want to share with you that I came away from your clinic in Klamath a more confident woman in my skills as a horseman, not arrogant but confident. I was able to transfer what I was feeling from my young horse to my competition mare. And boy is my mare happier! Basically, all that I have done is to be more patient in my whole run but mostly in my turns. I am trying to let her give what she has instead of demanding it. She is faster and much quieter at the gate! THANK YOU!

–Laura Morrison, Grants Pass, Oregon

Thank you for joining us for the Massachusetts Equine Affaire. It was a pleasure to feature you. Your presentations were great. Many attendees commented that your clinics were a highlight as you balanced education with pure professionalism. Thank you again. I look forward to working with you at future events.

–Coagi Long, Educational Program Manager, Equine Affaire

Thank you for your Chin Up, Eyes Forward message. I really took this to heart tonight when I read it. I am again undergoing chemo for a different type of cancer than the first type that took me away from my horses and barrel racing. I have attempted to get two solid barrel horses ready for competition and sometimes my family tells me I get too focused and forget that the most important thing in life is my family. My oldest daughter is now involved in 4-H Rodeo and it's not all about me anymore. Sometimes I feel God puts me in this situation for a wake-up call. It is my time to be patient, let her have her time, and be supportive of her and the rest of my family. Cancer has helped me get my priorities in place and has given me something else to be competitive in, and that is life. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you at the Eastern Classic this year. You have always been a huge inspiration to me and my family.

–Kristi Whitehead, Lennox, South Dakota