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Sharon, I just want to let you know that you stand above them all! I have taken some other clinics this fall, and left a few of them with nothing more than frustration. I do understand that there are different points of view, and styles, but for an example, when is it ever OK to start your barrel pattern on a wrong lead? After attending several of your clinics, and as hard as you work on horsemanship skills at all levels, I had to bite my tongue! I give you credit for the "class" you bring to the barrel racing industry.


I really just wanted to say "Thank You." After getting a taste of what else is out there, I realize how valuable your instruction really truly is. You want your students to succeed! Now, I can appreciate your attitude so much more. I can also see the huge improvements in myself after taking your program, and for that I can't thank you enough! You have made my dreams an attainable goal, and the value placed upon the horses I ride is so much greater. Now I realize my horses are not only a means, they are great, too. I know that you are out to change the face of barrel racing one racer at a time, and I hope that I can do you justice on the level that you represent. My goal this year is to continue with the lessons you have taught, and at the same time, learn some of that incredible class you bring to the table. Wish me luck! Thanks so much to you and your Team!

–Melissa, Facebook

I just wanted to say that although I've never had the chance to meet you, I want to thank you. I am a former hunter-jumper converted to barrels. I trained my first barrel horse with the exclusive use of your book back in 2001, or so. He has been a super consistent, successful horse with no holes, and he is still running every bit as good now as he did six years ago. This is a testimony to your excellent training methods and guidance. Every barrel horse I've produced since has been the same way; consistent, honest and easy to run. I realize you are a busy person, but if you have time I would love for you to go to my page and check out the video of Jack Rod Wilson winning the 2D second go at the 2009 NBHA Colonial Nationals and you can see what your advice has helped produce. I realize it's not the NFR but he runs as tough as he can. Happy New Year and I hope to get the chance to meet you someday!

–Leslie, Facebook

I bought a Sharon Camarillo all-around saddle about 22 years ago. I still have it and love it! After all these years, it's still in awesome shape! I have roped and run barrels with this saddle. It fits my horse really well! I have also got to say that it is really cool looking.

Sharon replies: Thanks for your wonderful comments on the #38 Court's Saddle!
The #38 tree is a semi-quarter horse bar and truly remains one of my favorite trees. It fits a great majority of the horses I use it on. I would suggest since you love it to hang onto it as the #38 tree is no longer available and ironically remains in great demand. If you want to add to your Court's collection I would suggest a #63 tree, which is the tree I have been using for the past several years. Though it is a full quarter horse bar, I find it fits a number of horses. I have been with Court's Saddlery as a designer and endorsee for 35 years and I am satisfied they remain one of the leading saddle manufacturers in the country. If you choose to order a new Sharon saddle and I can be of help, please let me know. I would refer you to Debbie Wood, our recommended sales representative for more information.

–Patty Raine, Greenfield, California

Sharon, you are a Great American Horsewoman!

–Jack, Facebook