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Thank you Debbie and Sharon: This was my first year at the Western Classic, had a blast and look forward to next year. I liked the holding pens; we do that here at home at a few of our races and it helps horses and the event to go smoother. Great job and great experience for the first time. Thanks you again.

–Becki Holte, Facebook

I want to take some time to acknowledge our male Classic riders; Gentlemen, congratulations on a job well done! When someone tells you, you ride like a girl, be proud! The men represented at the Classic do a great job, and I am proud to be apart of the male contingency. This is a great event and those who say it is too expensive to travel, I say save your pennies, plan and schedule your priorities. The Classic experience is the greatest and most rewarding barrel racing event of the year!

–Jim Johnston, Facebook

Greetings from Afghanistan! I wanted to let you know I have some fun pictures of my fall 2009 Black Hawk Clinic Graduation card all over the world! So far it has been to St. Johns Canada, The William Wallace tower in Scotland, Bucharest Romania, and Bagram Afghanistan coming all the way on a C130! My "Sharon Card" has kept my head in the game and reminds me to be mentally prepared for our missions! I have been reviewing your books on my down time so I'm in top shape to get back into the arena the week that I return! I hope to be home in time to participate in this fall's Black Hawk clinic as well, but it doesn't look too promising just yet! I would love to hear from you or your staff as I had promised you I would keep your card at my side. Your wisdom is with me daily and I look forward to extending my knowledge with you in the future! I hope you and your family are all doing well and I will send you pictures as soon as I return! Thank you for making a difference in my life.

–Kayla Dorethy, Colchester, Illinois

We had a wonderful time at the Clinic in April at the New Jersey Horsepark. Sharon, you and Cheryl both have motivated and inspired me so much. The exercises and the training bridal are working so well for me. All I wanted to do here is to thank you for exactly making me accomplish what I wanted – control to the first barrel and calming my crazy Arabian down a little – we don't want him too calm! I enjoyed every minute, that's probably why time flew by in a flash. We will try hard to get to the Classic. Again, a big thank you to you both and I hope to see you in the fall.

–Johannes and Sue, Underhill, Vermont

Way back in 1987, you sent me a free, autographed copy of your first book. I used it as a resource for a high school research paper on barrel racing for which I received an A. I just wanted to thank you for being so nice to a young girl such a very long time ago. I still have the book and used your techniques often over the years. The only brand new saddle I've ever bought for myself was one of yours in 1991. Thanks for all you've done to inspire past and future barrel racers like me.

–Karla Burke, Pukwana, South Dakota

Miss Sharon! It was you that convinced me that it was possible to be horseman and a barrel racer at the same time. You are a beautiful lady, inside and out and your work goes way beyond horses, you touch people! God bless!

–Charlie, Facebook

Happy New Year, Sharon. Hope this is your best one yet. You certainly deserve it for all the good you do for horses and people.

–Mary Lynn, Facebook