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I have emailed all the sponsors of the Sharon Camarillo Eastern Classic. However, the most important one of all, I have not thanked yet. So Thank You Sharon, for being the inspiration and the force behind the Classic. It is an exciting time of the year to showcase what we've been practicing. Thank you too for having the Pee Wee class. It is the one show that my kids look forward to all year as they feel pretty special that they get to run and have fun. I was thrilled for Donna Irvin. She is a friend of mine and I was happy to see her win the saddle this year!

I didn't get a chance to ask you about Wade, but from your comments at the banquet, I heard you say he was on his way to Afghanistan. I'm sure you are very proud of him, but my heart also breaks for you knowing where your son is going. My prayers are with you and Wade in is brave journey to do his service for our country.

Sharon, you are one of a kind and have a soul as beautiful on the inside as your are on the outside. You are a class act and a good role model for all of us to look up to. Take care, and again, thank you for all that you and your sponsors do for us!

–Dawn Hasz, Illinois

I LOVED the arena set up at the 2011 Western Classic! The staging area was great! The horses seemed to like it, no gate issues; made for a smoother race. Also, being in the holding area I was able to get to know my "drag buddies" a little better, that was nice. The Classic is one of my favorite races of the year. I'm looking forward to my 11 year old daughter participating with my sister and me some day, too. Thank you for all that you do in providing a classy, exciting, and competitive race!

–Tracie Sibson, Facebook

I want to thank you and all those who worked so hard to put on such a fun, exciting and rewarding barrel race this past weekend in Reno. This was my third year to participate and each year has been a wonderful growing and learning experience for me. For several years I brought my daughter, Jessica, to ride in the classics. She is now grown and out on her own and I am having even more fun participating myself. You are always so sweet and gracious and run a very professional race. The banquet is always fun too. I am looking forward to next year. Again, thank you so much.

–Ann Steele, Facebook

I just wanted to thank you again for such a great Western Classic event. Your staff is wonderful and we had a blast.

–Jenny Sherbo, Facebook

Sharon and Debbie: This was our first adventure with your Western Classic. We would like you to know what a WONDERFUL experience we had. My daughter Hailey had the time of her life. There really is nothing that I could say that could be improved on, We loved the new configuration and I wish all of Hailey's Jr. Rodeos could be ran the same way. It seem to really help with all the gate issues that many of the horses have. ALL of the staff was very friendly and helpful. Jenny and Tom Hull at the gate were wonderful. I know that can be stressful getting everyone in and out, but they were always upbeat and encouraging. We were very impressed at how organized everything was and everything seemed to go in a timely manner...especially the awards afterwards. My family is already excited about next year. We are hoping this can become a mini family vacation! I forgot to mention the dinner was wonderful and all the prizes and awards were spectacular. We really couldn't ask for a better barrel race. JOB WELL DONE...all of you!! Thanks for everything and see you next year!

–Kari and Hailey Wilbur, Facebook