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We loved attending the Washington State Horse Expo – especially Sharon's clinics. My 15 year-old daughter specifically wanted to go to the Expo just to see Sharon. She has a 5 year-old gelding that she's just getting started with gaming and was interested in Sharon's teachings. We both got more out of her clinics than we have in many other clinics we've attended in the past. She's easy to understand (even with those crazy mics) and made it fun. The Tender Touch bit has been great for our gelding. We tried a friend's first before purchasing and knew we had to have our own. The Barrel Racing Superstore was pretty busy when we made our purchase but we were still able to talk to the nice woman who helped us. We appreciated her taking a few extra minutes with us instead of ushering us along to the cash register like many of the clinicians at horse fairs do. Sharon seems to run a first class operation and it's very refreshing to see! I can't think of anything that she could do better. Thanks again for all the help... you've got us as customers for life.

–Katherine Moore

When I signed up for the Camarillo clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska, I knew it would be good. However, the combination of you and Cristina Borregales – two of the most talented horsewomen that I've met – far exceeded my expectations. You've filled my toolbox with so many tips, tricks and tools to better my horsemanship and improve my communication with Kitty. I'm excited beyond words to put it all to work and am excited about my future.

–Kori Conley Roca

I was asked recently in one of my radio interviews who were my biggest influences in the beginning of my barrel racing career and I told them about a book of your's that I bought in my early 20's which I treated like my bible until I got a good handle on the technical parts of the program. Your book was my first real source of structure to a real training program.

I was a person of very limited finances but with a burning passion and enough money to buy your book, you helped kick start my future career more than you will ever know.
I've always been the type of person that believes credit should be given where credit it due. I can't always remember where or from whom I learned certain things but I do my best. I really appreciate what you have passed on from your career experiences to help send me in the right direction.

(Mark was featured in a story in the online Barrel Racing Report who won for the second year the famous Ft. Smith Old Fort Days Futurity. He made the comment that he hadn't been satisfied with his first run and knew he had two days before his next competition. He changed his bridle to the Sharon Camarillo Combination, and low and behold, he ran the fastest time of the event and won the futurity!)

–Mark Bugni
2013-2014 Old Fort Days Futurity Champion

Dear Sharon and Storme,

I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a great clinic experience. I have been riding barrel horses for the last 35 years and it is my true passion second only to my family. I have spent my lifetime, trying to perfect my craft and stay at the top of my game. I have attended many barrel racing schools and clinics through the years, and now Sharon Camarillo’s.

I was a founding member and original Regional director of the National Barrel Horse Association. I was responsible for setting up the Great Lakes region and have held every position within the organization over the last 20 years. I have qualified for the NBHA world show in the 1D for the past consecutive 20 years both in Wisconsin and Florida and have won the Wisconsin State championships numerous times.

I have had some success in the futurity arena but most of my colts went on to become better open horses. I tell you all of this now, not to brag, but just to give you my background. With that said, I enjoyed your clinic more than I could have imagined. I think it came to me just when I needed it most.

I love horses. Plain and simple. I want to be a great horseman. I have always resented the reputation that men in our industry have for poor hands, muscling horses around the barrels and not being able to ride behind them. I have also resented those in other disciplines that look at barrel racers as second class citizens. I am thrilled that you openly promote good horsemanship and desire the respect of your peers. It is very important to me as well.

I believe we are lifelong learners. Whether that is in sports, relationships, trivial knowledge or our chosen profession. I came to your clinic with an open mind and ready to try anything that was asked of me. I found your teaching style to be polished, patient and direct. I am used to being the best and at times felt frustrated when seemingly being asked to accomplish multiple tasks that seemed impossible to complete.

You and Storme were patient and explained things to me as needed to accomplish the desired task to get the desired effect. Your clinic was well organized and very professionally presented. I have been in many classrooms in my lifetime and many teachers are hard to follow. Both of you spoke clearly and always kept focused on the goals of the exercise. I appreciate that the emphasis was always on warm up, competition and cool down and never lost that focus.

I think most teachers say that most students only absorb a small percentage of what is gone through in the classroom. You both made it possible to acquire a vast amount of information in two days. For me, I have ridden several times at home and used the skills and exercises I learned from you and am putting them together with my own program. I am happy with the results. As a teacher myself, I know that the greatest joy comes from the success of my students.

Please know that I truly understood your message and will use the information to become a better horseman, a more competitive barrel racer and a positive role model for our sport. It was a pleasure to meet both of you and I look forward to seeing you again. Hopefully my herd will be healthy next year and I will be at The Classic.

–Dr. Rob Blohowiak, President
Great Lakes Equine