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Sharon Camarillo with Virginia Berry
Virginia Berry at 12 years-old is already
showing the passion that will help her be
successful in her future endeavors. Virginia
realizes that the choices she makes today
will produce the rewards of tomorrow.

As educators, mentors and performance coaches, one of the responsibilities we in the Camarillo Program take most serious, is the role we play as mentors. We share the philosophy that the best reward is a well-lived life but that, in many cases, is easier said than done. To gain the upper hand in competition, or in life, planning and preparation is key in expediting favorable results. As we considered the unifying theme for this web, it had to be Purpose, Patience and Passion, for it is with purpose that we begin all our projects; passion because we believe not only in our projects, but most importantly, we believe in ourselves; patience because no goal worth setting is accomplished overnight.

These themes are a challenge to grasp and teach in today’s need for instant gratification. This is why working with the equestrian youth is so important to us. Whether it is providing equine education to accomplish short-term goals or academic resources to accomplish long-term goals, the responsibility to set examples and offer resources designed to accomplish successful outcomes is extremely gratifying.

Virginia Berry
Virginia Berry

In my own life, I strive to surround myself with people who share the similar vision and who are passionate in helping others. My traveling instructors, Cheryl Price, Donna Irvin and Susan Van Rein demonstrate the same philosophy not only in their lives, but also in their influential circles. I am proud of the work they do in the Sharon Camarillo program. Each in their own right brings great infusions into the theme of Purpose, Patience and Passion.

Cheryl will give the acceptance speech for the induction ceremony for Kalyn Brooks at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in October. Cheryl was a role model to Kalyn, was involved in her equestrian foundation and applauded any goal or aspiration Kalyn set for herself. Donna Irvin’s horse show team finished 8th out of 300 colleges in the National Intercollegiate Horseshow Association, and at the same time qualified for the Dodge National Circuit Finals. Most impressive is that Black Hawk College was the only community college to gain such recognition. Donna works with students every day and guides them through the choices they have available to them on their road to developing resources that will serve to strengthen their adult lives. Susan Van Rein uses her role as a college equine faculty member to mentor not only college students, but a growing group of adults who capitalize on Susan’s trained eye and experience to help them achieve their competitive and recreational horsemanship goals.

Nicki Olson
At 76 years-young, Nicki Olson has
attended all of the Camarillo Western
Classics and her passion for horses and
competition exemplifies the cowgirl
spirit of Purpose, Patience and Passion.

What my instructors bring to the table is proof that dreams do come true. Besides our interests in education we have in common the fact we each have loved horses our entire lives, and through utilizing what we teach and preach to others about developing personal purpose, adding patience and passion to our daily lives, we each have developed occupations that allow us to live our dreams and pursue our passions using horses as our guides.

We like to believe we are making a difference in our riders, one life at a time. If we serve as an example to our young students or our senior equestrians, we will have achieved our goals.