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The kelley bartlett conservancy

Enriching Lives, Fostering Responsibility and Preserving Tradition!

Sharon with Joe Shelnutt, Executive Director
of the Kelley Bartlett Conservancy.

What an inspiring way to kick off our Performance Horsemanship Tour 2008! About 20 miles out of Montgomery, Alabama, is a wide spot, called Pike Road. The home of sharecropper cabins, abandoned farms and steeped in Southern history, nestled in draws and shaded by pines is the beautiful headquarters for the Bartlett Ranch, home of the Kelly Bartlett Conservancy.

Honored in death by her husband, Woody Bartlett DVM, Kelley Bartlett was a tireless advocate of people and creatures in need. This passion is reflected in all corners of the Bartlett Ranch. Kelley, in life, passionately recreated and celebrated beauty and nature in her surroundings.

Kandall Steele pets a 10 day-old Buckaroo.
In the photo on the right, Hanna Kate Curry
(top) and Willa Justiss feed the Buckaroo.











Tranquility abounds in the natural setting of the ranch. Designed to nurture animals and humans alike, the landscaping and facilities provide comfort and enjoyment. Kelley Bartlett’s sense of style and humor lives in every detail of the ranch, from the signs at the Bartlett Ranch “International” airport and grass runway, to the murals painted throughout the house and “cantina” all reflecting historic times and cowboy culture. The ranch headquarters, arena and surrounding guesthouses provide enjoyment, relaxation and inspiration for all guests, whether they are animal or human.

The Conservancy is a home to feathered friends.

Kelley Bartlett’s passion for good horses and equine education provides the foundation of the Conservancy and mirrors the standards that the Sharon Camarillo Performance Horsemanship program seeks to attain. Cheryl and Jim Price and I came away from the Bartlett Ranch inspired and enriched by the experience and newfound friendships. Although we did not have the opportunity to know Kelley Bartlett, getting to know her family and friends gave us an insight to the uniqueness of this creative and inspiring woman.

August 4-5 Winners

Cantina de los Cielos

August 4-5 Clinic Participants

Mural, Cantina de los Cielos.

August 4-5 Winners

Woody Bartlett, DVM, with Sharon
at the Bartlett Ranch airport."

August 4-5 Clinic Participants

Sharon's "home away from home"
at the Pike Road Cowgirl Cabin.

For additional information on special events, ranch retreats, trail rides and clinics, log on to the Kelley Bartlett Conservancy website and contact Joe Shelnutt.

Buckaroo photos by Amanda Sowards, Montgomery Advisor.
All other photos by Jim Price.