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The A.R.T. of Barrel Racing


I am excited to have the opportunity to share with you some of the professionals, friends and humorists that stimulate and support my personal and private world, and have accompanied me on my own journey. I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with people that stabilize and balance your life, and most importantly, support and motivate your well-being.

Run The Plan with Donna Irvin
Donna Irvin

Run the Plan

Donna Irvin, our author for Run the Plan, is well-credentialed. She is a member of the AQHA’s Professional Horseman program and a traveling Camarillo Co-Instructor. I trust you will enjoy reading and sharing her joys and frustrations of her on-the-road exploits. It is our goal that Donna’s experience will strengthen and support your personal goals. For additional information about Donna, click on Meet Your Clinic Instructors in the menu sidebar.

Ask Dr. David Hayes, DVM, CJF

Ask Dr. David Hayes, DVM, CJF
Dr. David Hayes

Dr. David Hayes has been my friend and strong supporter since our college days. He is a humble, gentle professional that has worked diligently on his personal pursuit of excellence in his own life and career as a horseman, Veterinarian, husband and father.

David was my number one pit crew when I was on the professional circuit, and besides for my father, possibly my number one fan today. The shoes he made for my horses were hand-made and balanced. He advocated high-fat, low-starch nutrition 30 years ago – years before the industry accepted the concept. David helped develop a conditioning program for the barrel racing discipline. His philosophy is all about the horse, and his knowledge is a balance of academics and practical application. Dr. David will be taking questions from you and we will be posting his answers on an ongoing basis.

Gerald the Galloping Gringo

Gerald the Galloping Gringo
Gerald Freeman

It would be a sad world if we were unable to interject some humor into our dysfunction! Gerald Freeman, The Galloping Gringo, is sure to do just that! We met Gerald and his wife Linda, a few clinics ago. Was he the best student I have ever had, NO WAY! But he impressed me with his healthy and humorous perspective on our world of horsemanship and competition. Gerald rode his first horse at the age of 47 and since then has learned the skills necessary to keep his horse between him and the ground. I hope you will enjoy Gerald’s hilarious ongoing perspective on “horseology.”

Training Outcomes

Training Outcomes
Cheryl Machin Price

Cheryl Machin Price's background in Dressage has brought a technical addition to my clinic programs, and her trained eye has strengthened horse and rider communication skills throughout the country. Utilizing the skill sets presented in
The Leading Edge Series: A Training Program for the Speed Event Horse, Cheryl presents her systematic approach to improve your training outcomes. For additional information about Cheryl, click on Meet Your Clinic Instructors in the menu sidebar.

From time to time, we will continue to add articles and other subsections of interest to In Pursuit of Excellence, each with the hope that it will offer our students and friends insight to their personal journeys toward excellence.



For those students who challenge themselves to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo, and accomplish that goal, we will recognize their effort by awarding them a custom Sharon Camarillo saddle, donated by Court's Saddlery.

Congratulations to the following students/National Finalists
who have taken their dreams to the next level!

  • Sandy Emond, MT
  • Nina Binder, OR
  • Lita Scott, NV
  • Ruth Haislip, CA
  • Linda Vick, CA
  • Vickie Solmonsen, UT