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It was a long summer for Burro-Boy, but it is over and after 54 straight performances, Gerald and Cowboy finally get to spend time together again.

It was nice to get back to the barn on a regular basis and it started me thinking...
I really needed some time off and a change of pace, so what about Cowboy? What does he want each day? What does my horse want out of life? So I thought about what I like and what I want, and I think Cowboy wants much the same… to eat, to drink, to be comfortable, to have good friends.

OK, all that seems obvious, but look at our horses:

  • We like three meals a day plus snacks… horses like food anytime, all the time. Nobody likes to be thirsty, so make sure both you and your horse have plenty to drink anytime, all the time.
  • How about comfort? Well a nice house or stall with a nice clean comfortable bed is always a good thing.
  • Good friends! Not just acquaintances, but real friends. Someone to spend time with, share experiences with and vacation with.
  • Maybe sometimes to work hard and sometimes to relax. For us, we work and take evenings and weekends and vacations off. For our horses, we should do the same. Sometimes they work hard, sometimes they should play and sometimes we should just hang-out and relax with them. A good hard work out on the barrels one day might lead to a nice leisurely trail ride the next. A session of rounding and bending might lead to an afternoon of stretching and a nice hand walk or bareback-ride around the barn.

Think about it. What is it that you wish out of life? What makes you happy and content? Relate those things to your horse and you will have a happier horse and I’ll just bet you get better times on those barrel runs! Eh?