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a vision of barrels

T’was right around Christmas and I saw a vision
of Cowboy and me winning first in division.

The barrels were placed with the finest of care,
and I knew this day I would finally “be there.”
Our approach it was planned, I remembered to rate,
We were in good position right out of the gate.

Our first turn was splendid, the second was better,
and we turned third barrel just right to the letter.
As I galloped home, it came to be noticed,
Cowboy and I were finally focused.

Alas my vision was mere hallucination,
I was left with a moment of pure desolation.
But this is a dream, I swear I will catch,
and that is the run one day I will match.

So until then I’ll approach, rate, and turn,
and know that the A.R.T. is what I must learn.
I’ll be shouting, “On Cowboy” with all of my might,
and he’ll nicker back cause we’re doing it right.

As we wait for that day, our best wishes to you,
Merry Christmas to all and Happy Hanukkah too.