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A Conversation with cowboy

Hey you, yeah YOU, Gerald, it’s me, Cowboy, and we NEED A talk! What’s with this name? Cowboy Up To The Bar? You know how many times I have to listen to "This horse named Cowboy walks into a bar and the bartender says, Why the long face?"

But seriously Gerald, I really appreciate that after each run you hop off my back, but really, can we at least walk around a little more before you tie me to the trailer? I really need to cool those muscles a bit before they get all stiff and then just when I’m all cooled down, off we go back into the warm-up arena and then it’s ‘off-to-the-races!' Can you take a little more time to stretch me back out and get me warmed up before we gotta go screaming around those barrels?

You know how you get tired and stiff by the end of the day? Well, ME TOO! I know, I know, we gotta run just as fast at the end of the day… so maybe we could spend a little more time keepin’ me in shape? A little more time workin’ out during the week? A little more time warmin’ up before, and coolin’ down after each workout?

Now you know I love our trail rides. The scenery is nice and it’s good to get outta the arena a few times a week and yeah, yeah, I know I whine about climbin’ that hill, but I gotta admit, it keeps me in shape and I really do appreciate it when we go to competitions.

Same thing with the saddle. I know you’re tryin’ to be nice by unsaddling between events… I know you mean well, but REALLY… all day long… on again, off again, on again, off again. Can’t you just loosen the girth a bit and maybe tilt the pad up and give me a little air on my back? It’s really not that heavy and it keeps my back from getting chilled and it’s a lot easier on you too, eh? And the water? THANKS for all the water between rides… you got no idea how important that is!

Now the boots, they GOTTA come off between events. Do you have any idea how hot those thing get? Well do ya? And all that dirt that gets down in them... I don’t care what anyone says, you go crankin’ around barrels and weavin’ between poles and you get dirt and grit down your boots. But whadda you know from dirt? You’re sittin’ up there with your fancy boots in the stirrups… no dirt up there, eh? But I do wanna thank you for brushing my legs when you take them off… that feels good!

I hate being a whiner, but we gotta work together here. The more you do for me between runs the more I can do for you during the run, eh?

Speaking of pads, please thank Sharon for talking you into that Sharon Camarillo Sure Fit Pro Pad… and while you’re at it, thank her for telling you to get another saddle, that old one was KILLING my back. That Sharon Camarillo Barrel Saddle fits you and more important, it fits me! (Boy is Sharon gonna owe me carrots for all the plugs, eh?)

Oh, and while I’m on the subject… thanks for all the peppermints!