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Ask Dr. Dave

Tammy from Texas, writes:

Dear Dr. Dave,

My horse has eye allergies. His last flare up was seven months ago (this was on his good eye). His eye about popped out of his head. Per our veterinarian, we used eye drops and ointment two times a day until the they were gone. How can I tell about his vision? How much he can see or not? We had just started running barrels well before this happened and now we are starting all over again. Thanks for your time.

Dear Tammy,

Many thanks for your inquiry about your horse, however I can't help you without a lot of further information.

It would be very helpful to know the age, gender, and breed of your horse. How many years has this condition existed? I wonder about the "good eye" that almost "popped out of his head." What does the "bad eye" look like? What medicine did you administer by eye drop and ointment? Did the medicine help the condition? What time of year was that?

I encourage you to provide the requested further information and I will do my best to help you.

Makes me think about the story of the horse trader describing a horse to a potential buyer, saying the horse had a lot of ability but was not a particularly "good looker." Turned out the horse was blind!

Once again, many thanks for your question about your horse's sight.


Dr. Dave