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Ask Dr. Dave

Roy from Texas, writes:

Dear Dr. Dave,

I have a filly, which had her mom pass when she was young. We are having great difficulty in getting her to gain weight. She's so skinny it worries me. I need some help with regard to her. She has a big belly, but very little meat on her bones.
Help! Need advice!

Hello Roy,

Thank you for your excellent question.

Before I get to some answers, let me ask a few questions. How old was the filly when her mother passed away? What is her age now? What has been her diet up to this point? What kind of parasite control program is she presently on? Have you had a veterinarian examine her for weight loss, or lack of weight gain?

A few brief thoughts... Weanlings and yearlings frequently have a "pot-gut" yet show an obvious ribcage. This is usually caused by a parasitic load of round worms, Parascaris equorum. Most all paste wormers are effective against the roundworms. However, studies have shown that a roundworm de-worming program needs to be repeated every six weeks to be truly effective. It can also be brought on by low quality feed and lack of adequate protein.

I hope this information is helpful. Please don't hesitate to shoot more questions my way.

Happy trails and happy horses,

Dr. Dave