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Ask Dr. Dave

Mary from Pennsylvania, writes:

Dear Dr. Dave,

We are looking at a beautiful warm-blood who injured herself at the age of two and now has slight low ringbone at the age of five. She is completely sound, and I wonder - does ringbone ALWAYS progress? On the x-ray there are a few small spurs above the coffin joint and we are very tempted to risk buying her at a low price in the hope that it never progresses. Are we crazy?

Hello Mary,

Thank you for question.

I am glad that you asked prior to any purchase. I have always said that the purchase price of a horse is the least significant cost of horse ownership.

Bluntly speaking, low ringbone at this young age is asking for trouble not far down the road. Typically this type of osteoarthritis does progress, and its location, involving a very mobile joint, is not something I would wish on anyone.

Are you crazy? I think not.

Thank you for asking,

Dr. Dave