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Ask Dr. Dave

Jackie from Arkansas, writes:

Dear Dr. Dave,

Our now 10 year-old has been vet checked four times over three years with a equine specialist and nothing is visibly wrong. Injections helped twice and the last time they did not help. We pulled his shoes off and let him rest from barrel racing. He is again short-strided. Should we spend $750 again for injections that may not work? Any suggestions?

Hello Jackie,

Thank you for your question regarding your horse. Unfortunately I will need much more information from you before I can be of any substantial help, however I will share some sporadic thoughts.

Injections. Which joints were injected, and with what? Not all injections are the same, nor should they cost the same. That being said, I am not a proponent of joint injections. In my experience joint injections are for the financial gain of the veterinarian, not for the benefit of the horse. Typically, I have found that "short-stridedness" is rarely caused by sore joints, but rather by a problem in the spine. Injecting joints is similar to pumping air into a tire which has a slow leak. Why not fix the condition which is causing the problem.

I suggest you hire a technical equine veterinarian who is highly skilled in chiropractic neuro-muscular manipulation to exam and treat your horse. The problem in not in his hocks, it is in his back.

The money you save will pay for many entry fees and gallons of fuel.... and your horse will thank you.

Thanks again for the great question. Best of luck to you,

Dr. Dave