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Have you hugged your horse today?
Have you hugged your horse today?

This is basically a question and answer type column, you ask and I answer. I answer by sharing with you my experiences and thoughts on any questions, vague or specific, you may have.

Remember, there are no silly or stupid questions, and all are welcome. Opinions may differ and methods may vary, and that's part of the beauty!

From time to time, I'll also be putting up articles on various subjects. Be sure to check out these articles in our sidebar menu.

Once again, welcome to this column. I look forward to talking with all of you, and it is my hope that by emphasizing the total and complete care of our beloved friends, the horse will ultimately be your champion.

Dr. Dave's Questions and Answers

Amanda from Oregon, on bucking
Amanda from Michigan, on fused pastern joint
Ammie from Louisiana, on soreness in hips
Andrea from Florida, on hoofs and shoes
Becky from Iowa, on ulcers
Becky from Oregon, on lameness and nerving
Becky from Queensland, Australia, on ringbone
Beth from Nebraska, on tendon sheath and surgery
Betty from Idaho, on saddles, tack and bits
Breck from California, on Class IV laser therapy
Cari from North Carolina, on blistering
Carol from California, on ringbone
Cheryl from Washington, on the use of Pentosan in horses
Connie from Florida, on the Healthy Horse Workshop
Elaine from Pennsylvania, on stifles injections and follow-up
Ginny from Kentucky, on cold laser therapy for navicular syndrome
Heather from Nevada, on Spring pasture "tie-up"
Jackie from Arkansas, on "short-stridedness"
Jacquelynn from Alabama, on laminitis
Jan from South Carolina, on electrolyte replacement
Jan from Texas, on lameness
Joelle from Alberta, Canada, on a cut lip
Libby from Washington, on her horse's change in performance
Lisa from Virginia, on adjustments and diet
Martha from Washington, on splints
Mary from Pennsylvania, on ringbone
Melissa from Alberta, Canada, on joint problems
Melissa from Alberta, Canada, follows up on joint problems
Misty from Alberta, Canada, on infections and allergies
René from Texas, on hocks and fluid pockets
Robin from Wisconsin, on probiotics
Roy from Texas, on a horse having difficulty gaining weight
Sabrina from Maryland, on lameness
Sammy from Utah, on general maintenance
Sarah from Minnesota, on navicular disease
Tammy from Texas, on allergies affecting eyes
Tiffaney from Nebraska, on ringbone
Tina from Washington, on sports medicine boots
Traci from Louisiana, on osselets
Trinity from Texas, on rear fetlock swelling and other issues

Read the following notes below to see what others say about Dr. Dave!

Susan from California, writes:

Dear Dr. Dave,

I really appreciated having the opportunity to meet you at the Sharon Camarillo Western Classic. I was able to listen to two of your lectures and watch you with a couple of horses. After listening and watching, it was obvious that you are a true horseman.

It was refreshing to listen to someone who wasn't trying to sell us anything except common sense and horsemanship, things we need to be taught and reminded of from time to time. Thank you for making yourself available to us during the Classic and on the website.

Kelly from Connecticut, writes:

Dear Dr. Dave,

I really enjoyed meeting you at the Eastern Classic. My horse's name is Teddy and is experiencing the start of ring bone. When I got home, I looked for a new shoer and found one I liked. He explained everything to me, just like you. Thank you again for helping save my horse.