Cowgirl Hall of Fame



Empower your Dreams

National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame Induction
October 9, 2008

Sharon Camarillo at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Sharon above with Mildred Ferris, former National Finals
barrel racer, and fellow Californian Beverly Sparrowk,
who was inducted into the Hall of Fame for her efforts
to bring ranchers and conservationists together.

I celebrate the diversity of my life. Though my schedule involves a lot of travel, it provides me the opportunity to touch and encourage countless lives throughout the world, some with their eyes firmly planted on their goals, others still searching for inspiration. From the Sharon Camarillo Classic in Illinois to the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Ft. Worth Texas, to Columbus, Ohio for the All American Quarter Horse Congress, October was a busy month.

Where ever I travel, empowering dreams is my passion. At the All American Quarter Horse Congress 1,100 Barrel Racers competed for Top 10 awards in their respective classes at the largest Quarter Horse Show in the world. For many riders, wearing the contestant number at the Congress is a dream of a lifetime. During my seminar, I reminded each rider that the earlier we can realize our dreams, the better the opportunity we have to make decisions that keep us on track to achieve our objectives.

Sharon Camarillo at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Sharon with a young champion
in the making, Molly Sparrowk,
granddaughter of Beverly.

I have always said, "Blessed is the person who identifies his passions early in life." Once you set claim to your dream, it is just a matter of creating realistic pathways that direct you toward fulfillment of your goals. For example, in the world of equine sports, success comes to those riders who empower their dreams with positive mentors and good horsemanship practices.

The common thread in the acceptance speeches during the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame’s annual Induction Luncheon was the blessings they felt to have had the opportunity to live their dream. Dreams have a way of spreading from a flicker to a flame, and by fate or fortune, these women were recognized for accomplishing their goals while making a difference not only in their lives, but also in the lives of their families, their communities and their country. I had the honor to be the Master of Ceremonies for the celebration and to present commemorative medallions to the 2008 honorees. Acknowledging the vast accomplishments of the inductees made me proud to call myself a cowgirl and humbled to have been inducted in 2006.

Sharon Camarillo at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Sharon in the presence of World
Champions Jimmie Munroe,
barrel racer (left), and Lindy Burch,
cutter (right).

Working toward your goal has real power and often times takes on a life and energy of its own. An example is recent gold medallist Nastia Liukin who created a “Vision Board” with pictures of thoughts and words to help her visualize her winning Gold at the Beijing Olympics – and she did just that! Closer to home, I have a friend, Donair Spencer, who is battling cancer. Donair’s vision board focuses on positive thoughts and health. Donair’s attitude has sent her CA-125 counts spiraling downward!

Regardless of our specific and personal passion, success is a choice and comes to those who have the ability to define and visualize victory. Empower your dreams and remind yourself that the choices you make today are your rewards and consequences of tomorrow!



Photos by Wendy Sparrowk and Catherine Frazier.