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Sharon Camarillo Training Package

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“Excellence is achieved in the mastery of fundamentals.”
—Vince Lombardi


Sharon congratulates a clinic graduate.
Sharon congratulates a clinic graduate and
awards her with a token of completion.

The Sharon Camarillo Better Barrel Racing Clinics are comprehensive programs designed to strengthen each student's existing horsemanship skills, and leave each rider with a personal plan for faster times and enhanced barrel racing performance.

Evaluation of each rider's equipment, and the introduction of additional training and competition resources, will help maximize the rider's understanding of what it takes to become a top level barrel horse trainer and competitor. The Sharon Camarillo programs promote the whole horse philosophy, which includes soundness, nutrition, and conditioning overviews and personal consultations.

The program includes the A.R.T. of Barrel Racing, which breaks the barrel-racing pattern into the approach, rate and turn elements for performance evaluation and problem specific correction. With two professional instructors in the arena at all times, the program is designed for riders of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced competitors. Clinics are described briefly below.

Better Barrel Racing Clinic

  • Individual video review and performance evaluation.
  • Introduction to training and competition equipment for enhanced feel, control and confidence.
  • Problem-specific correction exercises for better barrel racing.
  • Introduction to the A.R.T. of Barrel Racing for efficient approach, rate, turn.
  • Introduction of the Training Pyramid's six building blocks to better barrel racing performance: Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness, Collection.
  • Reinforcement of seat, legs and hands for better horse/rider communication and balance.
  • Helps each rider understand how to generate a connection with the horse.
  • Goal-setting and competition opportunities.

Each rider receives a written Guide for ongoing reference about our programs, philosophy and exercises.

Better Barrel Racing Level II Clinic

  • In-depth video evaluation and advanced skills for efficient performance and faster times.
  • Extensive information on competition equipment designed to maximize performance.
  • Introduction to the mental game of competition, reducing stress and performance anxiety in both horse and rider.
  • Emphasis is placed on the importance of "plan the run, run the plan" and performance preparation.
  • Additional skill exercises for better understanding of performance efficiency and consistency.
  • Problem-specific corrections applied at speed for performance enhancement.
  • Designed to take each rider to their personal next level of performance and competition.

The rider must have attended at least one Better Barrel Racing Clinic to attend this Level II Clinic.

To maximize each student's investment both clinics have limited enrollment.

Time is allocated to assure that all questions are addressed. Auditors and spectators are welcome for a minimal charge. Clinic prices vary depending upon location. Click here to visit our current Clinic Schedule.

Tips to Maximize your Clinic Experience

For all of the above, please visit the Barrel Racing Superstore, refer to our Books and DVDs section on this website or visit your local retailer who carries these products.

My Clinic Instructors and I are proud to be a part of your success and encourage each rider to be a positive influence on the horses they ride and the disciplines they choose. We encourage you to join us in becoming life-long students of horsemanship by repeating clinics as often as needed for continued education
and performance evaluation.

All riders who attend a clinic are eligible to compete in the Western and Eastern Sharon Camarillo Barrel Racing Classics.



For Sharon Camarillo Clinic students, we offer a DVD or online video performance evaluation service. Whether you post your competitive or practice runs on UTube or send us a DVD, we will evaluate your performance and Email you a report, including a customized training plan for improvement.


Please contact us for pricing and to arrange this service!